Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Bilborough to Highfields Park: An urban walk of wonders

This post is coming in two parts: first a FitBit walk map from Susan's gizmo, then over 50 photographs of the walk all taken last Wednesday (21 March 2018). Their ordinariness for the most part hides what I find remarkable. A section of the walk (from Glaisdale Drive to Harrison Plantation) I have never done before, despite having it in my head to do so for the past ten years. I will explain later when I add captions to the photographs. If you are local look and see what you recognise.

This is the actual walk we did. We covered just over 4 miles in 108 minutes, excluding a 60 minute lunch-break at the Wollaton Hall Stables café. Susan isn't sure what the 26' 45" means, so I'm ignoring it. At the end we spent another 45 minutes in the Djanolgy Art Gallery Café.  My map shows a walking route which can include walking around all the ponds along the route (five of them). We chose to bypass them. 

My map has yet to have photograph locations,  landmarks and bus travel info added. I hope to complete by Easter Saturday.